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LPSO Implements New Public Safety Software

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In late May, LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office went live with a new public safety software suite, a project that has been in the works for almost two years, according to Criminal Systems Administrator, Lacie Terral. The need arose with a change in law enforcement reporting requirements set forth by the FBI in 2020. 
After several months of product demos and discussions among administration, Terral says that the decision was made to purchase the Motorola FLEX product due to the company’s ability to integrate with other technology already in place at LPSO, as well as a vision for future growth. The FLEX product is referred to as a software suite because it integrates all criminal functions of the department into one system where all employees have abundant and easy access to comprehensive and accurate data that can mean saving a life in an emergency situation. The FLEX software is a mission-critical ecosystem that integrates computer aided dispatch, mobile patrol, records and case management, and jail management all in to one, 
easy to access solution, that is specifically designed for real-time response and quick, intuitive processes. 
Terral says the software brings many new capabilities to LPSO that they have never had in the past. Dispatchers now have access to a customized map that displays the location of each call for service, and will soon have GPS locators for each patrol unit. When seconds matter, this will ensure that dispatchers are able to dispatch the nearest Deputy to all calls for service. Criminal Administrators and Detectives now have the ability to access calls for service through a mobile app that allows them to access and receive relevant information at all times, creating maximum situational awareness. These mobile features also include access to state searches and self-logging capabilities in order to free up radio air time for high-priority calls. Another exciting public safety feature of the software that will soon be implemented is the ability to save premises information, as well as response plans for businesses, schools, churches, and other public entities. This will give LPSOs first responders an instant on-screen view of building layouts and action plans in an emergency situation, allowing the for the most efficient response. 
The records and case management portion of the FLEX public safety software suite provides architecture to optimize speed and ease of searching live data which includes investigative searches on complainants, victims, offenders, suspects, witnesses, evidence, and property records. FLEX automatically creates links of involvements and visual involvements, making Detectives aware of important connections between many types of records. These features allow both Deputies and Detectives to collaborate with the public more efficiently in order to solve and close cases. 
Terral says many Deputies have been elated to see the decrease in time spent completing reports and filling out hand written paperwork. The new system allows them to quickly complete all forms of reporting from inside their units and return back to patrol more quickly. Documentation and report writing have always been a very large and important part of law enforcement, and for Deputies and Detectives at LPSO, this new technology has brought them to a more modern system of digital documentation, sharing, and reporting. 
There is nothing “cookie cutter” about the FLEX software. Terral says it came with the capacity and administrative training to be completely customized to the needs of the Department, as well as the Parish, and she has spent the last year doing just that. Since go-live, she says that implementing the change in policies and procedures has been similar to a marathon, rather than a race. Change of this magnitude can be very difficult for any group of people and fully implementing every part of the new system is a process that will take a little time and patience. Sheriff Franklin has commended the work of the Department to adapt to this change and their commitment to advance the efficiency of the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office. “We have come so far in just two months, but a year from now I know we will look back and see how the transition, as a whole, will have impacted our efficiency.” 
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